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~  A digital transcription service based in San Diego… serving the nation!

A Better Type has been one of the top transcription companies in San Diego for the past 30 years, and as a trailblazer in the innovative world of digital recordings, we’ve been able to work with clients anywhere in the world.  We are A Better Type of transcription Company!  All work is completed by A Better Type’s highly-skilled staff.  We do not outsource, all our transcriptionists are in the United States.

Whether you need your transcripts next week, tomorrow or even this   afternoon, A Better Type will meet your needs.  We do not charge different rates for quick turnarounds.  If we have spare capacity or we can manage our workflow to provide a faster transcript, let us do it for you at no extra charge!  We have very competitive rates.

In the digital age, we can set you up with a unique login and password to our secure FTP site, download your files from there, and return your transcribed files to you quicker than ever.  Your transcript will be sent to you via email as a Microsoft Word document.  It is just that easy!

For more information about our services, please email us by clicking the “Contact Us” link above, or you may phone us at (619) 459-4582.

~ If it can be recorded, we can transcribe it! ~

Pre-Doctoral Thesis Interviews           Media Production

Police Interviews                                Lectures

Human Resource Interviews              Conference Calls

        Qualitative Interviews                   Panel Discussions

         Research                                       Seminars

                Church Sermons                      Recorded Statements

A Better Type     1601 Lindbrook Drive, San Diego  CA   92111

For more information

please contact Christina

Phone:  (619) 459-4582

Fax:  (619) 264-8393

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